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Fall Fishing Is Here, and the Waters are Getting COOLD

November 19, 2017

Some intrepid boaters, fishermen and a few kayakers are still going out on the water, and the water is getting COOLD !   So it’s time to review the basics of boating in the Fall: As a rule of thumb, It’s about 10 degrees colder on the water than on land.  Wear layers of clothing with a wind breaking shell on top and bring along hats and gloves. Make a float plan so someone will know you…Read More

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Winterizing Your Engine

November 7, 2017

  As temperatures fall, water will freeze, we know that… but when that water is inside an engine or gearcase, a cracked block or housing might be the net result, along with astronomical repair bills ! You can prevent this, and sleep well on those cold winter nights by taking the right steps now…. Remember that Neglect = Trouble next season ! Make a Check List - It’s important that you…Read More

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