Winter 2013 Boating Seminars at Norwalk Cove

May 31, 2012   Women-Only Boating Skills Seminar  Two Tuesday Evenings,  Jan 22 & 29  from 7 - 9 PM      and * NEW*    Co-Ed Boating Skills Seminar   Two Saturday mornings,  Jan 26'th & Feb 2'nd from 10 AM  - 12:30 PM    *(Same seminar, just open to everyone)   Due to popular demand the "Women-Only" boating skills seminar is now being offered in a Co-Ed version to accommodate the men who want to brush up their boating knowledge.   There is no such thing as a dumb question ! The two session Boating Skills Seminars will give boaters the knowledge and skills needed to be more confident on their boats and to learn what needs to be done in case of an emergency.  We will cover rules of the road, simple navigation, boat systems, radios and electronics, docking tips and knots you need to know. Please register in advance and bring $ 80.00 per person to the seminar. The Seminar will be held at Norwalk Cove Marina. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Coastal Cruising Seminar    Two Thursday Evenings,  Jan. 24'th and Jan 31'st  from  7 - 9 PM This two session seminar will focus on planning, provisioning, plotting and weather with a review of rules of the road, anchoring, radio use, docking, safety and marine electronics. We will also cover:
  • Cruising style – marinas or anchor out ?
  • Review of charting and how to plot your trip
  • How to use your GPS and electronics
  • Choose a marina for transient dockage
  • Safe anchoring in unfamiliar areas
  • Tips on traveling with children
  • Safety and Emergency preparedness
Please register in advance and bring $ 80.00 per person to the seminar. The Seminar will be held at Norwalk Cove Marina. ___________________________________________________________________________ NEW !!      To be offered in the Spring       NSBC Essentials of Close-Quarter Boat Control Course Close Quarters The National Safe Boating Council's Close-Quarters Boat Control Course is a defensive boat handling course which focuses on maneuvers and techniques. Docking, coming along-side, backing, or turning in narrow space can be done very competently by a boat operator who understands the concepts and knowledge of the boat and how it reacts in varying weather and water conditions. The curriculum has been developed in a step-by-step, skill-based progression focusing on knowing what to do and when to do it. Two 1/2 day sessions, limited to 5 students.   Private courses are available. Please register in advance and bring $ (TBD) per person to the seminar. The Seminar will be held at Norwalk Cove Marina and conducted in a center console outboard boat.
To Register: E-mail, Text or Call  Capt. Rick Delfosse:  203-216-7800

Directions: IndoorSeminars are held in the Cove administration building 2’nd floor conference room.

The Administration building is on the left as you drive into the marina and has the glass atrium.

Please go around the right side of the building and up the exterior staircase to the conference room.

The Close-Quarter Boat Control Course will be held on the water.  Details will follow.

Norwalk Cove Marina   Calf Pasture Beach Road  East Norwalk, CT 06855


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