Boating's Next Wave - Introduce Someone to Boating !

October 17, 2013

    Anyone paying attention has noticed a decrease in the number of people boating. Of course the economy has hurt boating as an industry, but there are other serious reasons participation in boating has fallen off in the last decade. Time constraints.  We're just working more, and harder and technology won't let us escape ! So we try to fit everything in less time. This has really hurt…Read More

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Plum Island Update

October 2, 2013

  Boaters have long known to avoid Plum Island, home of the “Plum Island Animal Disease Center”. As young adults, crossing through Plum Gut, we would joke about two headed cattle and the “rule” to hold your breath while passing down wind.  Today the 840 acre island, under the watchful eye of Homeland Security, may be up for sale and the laboratory moved to Manhattan, Kansas. The…Read More

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Seamanship FAILS - in our own Backyard !

September 25, 2013

  Imagine the joy of going to a boat show on your own boat, getting picked up by a professionally captained launch and enjoying a great day looking at new boats and hardware. Now, imagine heading back out to your boat and finding that it’s not anywhere near where you left it when you anchored ! Welcome to the Norwalk Boat Show 2013 where this happened to at least FIVE boats ! …Read More

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Marine Technology Skills & Seamanship - NOT the same

September 12, 2013

  Mariners should be careful not to confuse technology skills, or the sophistication of their integrated, networked navigation system (complete with redundancy)… for seamanship.   Seamanship (as defined by Wikipedia) is “the art of operating a ship or boat”. “It involves topics and development of specialized skills including: navigation and international maritime law;…Read More

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Protection for your Phone or Tablet

August 29, 2013

Are you using your phone or tablet more frequently on the boat ? Is it time to consider a protective case....                 just in case ?  Here's a quick guide to some options that are available...   The lowest common denominator is a heavy duty zip lock bag, followed by the waterproof pouch type cases.  Most will allow touch screen…Read More

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Where you on a boat when the power went out ?

August 14, 2013

  10 years ago this week the Northeast suffered the largest blackout ever experienced. Were you out on your boat when it happened ?   On our mooring in Norwalk harbor, having just finished a picnic supper aboard, we were astonished to see the lights ashore go out as if a magic wand waived first over Sono and then around to East Norwalk. Eventually, only the lights of cars ashore and…Read More

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Superstitious as a Seafarer

August 8, 2013

  Seafaring has always been one of the world’s most dangerous occupations, and throughout history sailors have searched to find the cause or underlying reason for accidents or disasters. This has given rise to popular superstitions that have continued through today. The popular expression “knock on wood” is based  on seafarers pounding the hull of the boat to test for rotten…Read More

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Wind, and How it Affects your Boat

August 1, 2013

  A few weeks back we discussed how current can affect power boats, as well as sailboats  ( See article HERE ) and now it's time to review WIND and it's affect on your boat. Every boat is affected by the wind, depending on their projected area and that area's location (high far forward due to a large sweeping bow, big enclosed cockpit aft, large cabin and flybridge amidships, etc).  Thus…Read More

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Dinghy Poker Run Pictures 2013

August 1, 2013

  2013 Pictures  (updated 8/3/13) If you have pictures to post, please e-mail them to Rick Delfosse        Read More

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Romance and the Sea, the stuff of movies and countless books

July 18, 2013

  Romance and the Sea, the stuff of movies and countless books. While others gaze outward at the sea, boaters gaze lovingly at their boats. Do you have this affection ? It’s easy to see, when walking away from their boat, they turn and look back for that one last glimpse. They’ll drive by and look or sit in the parking lot admiring. When in the launch or dinghy pulling away, they…Read More

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