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First County

Norwalk Summer Concert Series at Calf Pasture Beach

The City of Norwalk Rec. and Parks Wednesday Evening Summer Concert Series brings music to Calf Pasture Beach throughout the summer.  . Sponsored by First County Bank All rain dates will be on the following day, except for the July 3 Fireworks and Concert program, which will be held on July 5 in case of […]

Dinghy Poker Run 2

Dinghy Poker Run – July 25th 2015

Pre-Register ASAP for the 4rd Annual Dinghy Poker Run !      Participants of all ages are encouraged, and Pre-Registration is REQUIRED!! Everyone is welcome… Shore & Country, South Norwalk Boat Club, Norwalk Boat Club, Ischoda Yacht Club… Come on down! Dinghys, Jet Skis or kayaks are allowed (water pistols are encouraged).   Join your friends and […]

Hurricane Season – Be Prepared !

Hurricane Season is June 1’st through Nov. 1’st. The 2015 Hurricane Season Prediction sources are all forecasting at or below normal hurricane activity for this season : . See the 2015 NOAA prediction HERE . Live Storm Tracking. NOAA’s National Hurricane Center website is updated every 4 hours for live storm tracking when storms are […]

It’s Horseshoe Crab Tagging Time Again !

The spring moons soon will be drawing male and female horseshoe crabs up our beaches for an annual Mating Ritual and staff and volunteers from The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk will be on hand to greet them. The Maritime Aquarium is seeking volunteers to help attach census tags to horseshoe crabs as they come out of […]