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Norwalk Cove Marina Rigging Department

Breaking News! Hathaway, Reiser & Raymond Rigging joins the Norwalk Cove Family!

Norwalk Cove Marina is very pleased to announce the Hathaway rigging division will now be phased into the Norwalk Cove Marina family. This merger will greatly expand the Norwalk Cove rigging department's capabilities and ability to provide exceptional rigging services. We look forward to serving your specific needs and upholding the historic Hathaway reputation and name!


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Our commitment to YOU, our customer

Your boat should sail the best that it can, you should be safe when you are sailing, and you should not miss any part of the season unnecessarily because of rig or sail failures which could have been anticipated.

Our commitment is to you, to supply you the best quality services and equipment with an unparalleled level of personal service and expertise to ensure you have the right equipment, standing and running rigging which adds to your enjoyment and safety. Whether it's making the layout of your deck more efficient, checking and tuning your rig, providing the right running rigging or just a new shackle from our store - you - our customer - get our attention and focus. You can trust us not to provide an unsafe result on your boat, and to speak honestly to you about items which may look or sound good but we feel may be a bad idea.

In the spring we remind our customers what they should focus on when commissioning their boat and in the fall what is important before the boat is put away. Our staff takes advantage of the slower off season to perform repairs and fabricate new rigging from dimensions taken in the fall.

When something breaks

No matter how well you anticipate problems, boats are boats and something will break or stop working during the season. One call to Hathaways at Norwalk Cove is all you need to get yourself going again.

Our rigging shop and ships store carry a good selection of hardware, line, safety and often needed supplies, you'll only need one stop to get you sailing again. If it isn't in stock we can usually have it by the next morning.

Many products in our shop or store are selected because they are proven to work by our staff- 1st hand knowledge or 1st person feedback from professionals in the industry, deck hands, boat captains, yard workers, etc. We are very selective with our choices and they can get you sailing better and for longer.

Safety inspections, rig tuning and preventative maintenance

Safety at sea starts at the boatyard, or in the harbor. Minor problems seen early enough can be easily addressed and failures are often preventable.

Lives could be at risk should the worst happen - a  thorough rig inspections can prevent rig collapse.

Some items commonly found include fatigued and broken toggles, cracks in swaged fittings, wear in turning blocks. Other items are often harder to see, but critical to ensuring your rig remains standing. For one customer, a routine inspection found a cracked spreader tip that could be rectified easily, another customer's inspection identified a small crack in the mast. Either of these items left long enough could cause a total rig failure !

We recommend a full inspection and tuning of spars and all rigging at least every two years, and always upon change of ownership. Our expert rigging team will carefully inspect swages, splices, lifelines, masthead fittings, sheaves, tangs, spreaders, goosenecks and booms.

Once everything is inspected we will adjust the tuning of the rig to ensure it's providing the support and performance it should for you. We will notify you of our findings, discuss them so you can understand the condition and life expectancy. We will make recommendations on what you should consider what options are available to you.

Custom rigging solutions - our calling

A Hathaway at Norwalk Cove exclusive is our ability to design effective and easy to use rigging and deck solutions for your boat, providing from our experience the products which will work best for you, provide long lasting service and meet your budget.

The latest technologies are not for everyone; it’s not cost effective to put an expensive state-of-the-art ultra low weight block on a 25-year-old boat used for day sailing (no matter how cool it looks...) Likewise, cost cutting on world cruising boats can be pennywise and pound foolish.

With focus and commitment dedicated to our customers, you will find we are available to ensure you have the right combination of hardware for your specificl needs.

We provide custom solutions for all types of sailors, from local Wednesday night racers to complete masts for that boat who hit the bridge. Contact our service department and see what they can do for you.


Here's what we offer:

Rigging Services
Wire rigging - Rotary swaging to 1/2", swageless terminals. Rod rigging to 40,000 lbs. Nico-pressing to 3/8"
Authorized Navtec service center Running rigging - traditional or exotic fibers Life line replacement
Mast wiring, lights, antenna cabling, electronics Roller furling systems Slab reefing systems
Stern posts / radar masts Metal fabrication & Welding Sail Service and cleaning




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