Demo Day at Norwalk Cove Marina was a GREAT Success

February 6, 2013  
Over a hundred Cove and Rex customers attended - and the Chowder was great !
The Cove informational Demo Day held Saturday March 9'th offered these sessions with the pros:
  • Paint, gelcoat, fiberglass repairs.
  • Troubleshooting basic engine problems & tips on how to fix them.
  • Care & maintenance of engines.
  • Introducing John Deere engines and service at Norwalk Cove.
  • Latest technology & upgrades for your marine electronics, radios & GPS units by New England Marine Electronics.
  • Prestige Yacht Sales Open House
  • Care & Maintenance of sailboat rigging and systems by Ocean Rigging.
  • Seafarer Canvas Open House
  • New products & technology for racing & cruising sailboats.
  • See what’s new in the Cove Ship’s Store and Nautical Boutique
  • Overview of Spring boating seminars:  Coastal Cruising, Women's Boating Skills and Cruising Destinations seminars & introducing the new Close Quarters Boat Handling on-the-water course.
  • Introduction of the Bottom Blaster system
  • Chowder from Bloom’s kiosk in the Sono Marketplace


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