Holiday Boat Parades

December 13, 2012   A fun tradition is spreading to many waterfront towns as pictures of holiday boat parades have been posted online. From rowboats and crew shells to huge commercial ferries, across the country, boaters are joining this joyful celebration. Stamford recently held their “Harbor Parade of Lights”.  On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a dozen or more boats were decorated with incredible holiday “Bling” and paraded around Stamford harbor. Other towns nearby to host holiday parades are Stratford (Housatonic River), Newport  RI,  In Long Island on the Patchogue River  (This year's theme was "The River of Misfit Toys")  and Mystic, CT  where the celebration is actually held at the end of September when it's still warm !   The true monster parades are held in Florida and California, where hundreds of boats really  transform themselves.    For example, the Seminole FL “Winterfest” parade has been held for 41 years and is sponsored by the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, claiming to be “The Greatest Show on H2O”. It well may be, considering they have a celebrity Grand Marshal each year (previous Grand Marshals include Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Shaquile O’neal, Kim Kardashian, Jim Belushi and Alonzo Mourning), set up stadium bleachers along the parade route for Grandstand Seating, have a formal Black Tie Ball, sell Grand Marshal Showboat Tickets, host a Culinary Competition and Fantasy Boat Student Art Contest and a contest judging decorated waterfront homes and businesses !   To see their 20 page color brochure of this year’s “Musical Memories” parade….. Click Here   To see a live stream of the parade on Sat Dec 15’th at 6:30 PM…. Click Here   Maybe Norwalk needs to join the celebration ! [gallery columns="2" orderby="rand"]    

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