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May 10, 2012
Sanding Boat Bottoms... In short, all dust and debris from sanding of boat bottoms must be contained and collected. Debris falling on the ground must be vacuumed up (not just swept) and the area around and under the vessel must be left clean. The intent is to stop rain from washing the paint debris into the storm sewers and ultimately into the Sound. Never use a hose to clean the area ! Not sanding on windy days, using plastic tarps to capture paint chips, and using a dust free sander are the best ways to comply with these new practices. Cove has a few of these special sanders available for rent on a limited basis (at a minimal fee - see our Service dept).  Please note that work done by our Service department meets this new requirement and we request DIY boat owners and subcontractors to do the same. Disposing of Painting Supplies... Please allow paint to dry in cans, tray liners and on brushes or rollers BEFORE putting them into the dumpsters.  Leave cans open to insure drying. This will prevent toxic liquids with solvents from polluting. Please ask the service department if you have thinners, solvents or oil to dispose of. Additionally, both Rex and Cove have distributed recycling receptacles throughout the facilities for collecting recyclable plastics, glass and aluminium (non deposit) items.

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