Protection for your Phone or Tablet

August 29, 2013
Pelican Phone Case Are you using your phone or tablet more frequently on the boat ? Is it time to consider a protective case....                 just in case ? 
Here's a quick guide to some options that are available...
The lowest common denominator is a heavy duty zip lock bag, followed by the waterproof pouch type cases.  Most will allow touch screen operation, and, though less elegant than a custom fitted case, are very reasonably priced.
 Read the following guides to give you a feel of what is out there and, after choosing the style you like, see the sampling of manufacturer’s web links below.
   From Panbo, “The Marine Electronics Hub”:   Click Here
Waterproof Case Review on CNET:   Click Here
NYT article (circa 2012) on waterproof cases:   Click Here
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Here are the manufacturer’s web links, beginning with the waterproof envelope or bag style, progressing to the elaborate cases that gasket around the screen allowing full brightness and clarity while waterproofing the phone or tablet:        cases & mounts   And here's an Arm Case with waterproof earphones Lifeproof nuud_ip5_01         By Captain Rick Delfosse  203-216-7800 Rick is a Coast Guard captain, National Safe Boating Council close-quarters boat-handling and open water boat handling instructor, Connecticut and New York certified safe boating instructor and a US Sailing-certified instructor.   He also conducts on-the-water courses and classroom seminars on coastal cruising and boating skills. The owner of a 43-foot pilothouse cutter and an Aquasport powerboat, he has extensive cruising and one-design, coastal and offshore racing experience.   .

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