Romance and the Sea, the stuff of movies and countless books

July 18, 2013  
Romance and the Sea, the stuff of movies and countless books. While others gaze outward at the sea, boaters gaze lovingly at their boats. Do you have this affection ? It’s easy to see, when walking away from their boat, they turn and look back for that one last glimpse. They’ll drive by and look or sit in the parking lot admiring. When in the launch or dinghy pulling away, they turn. Don’t try to talk to them at that moment, nothing else exists. Is it an unhealthy relationship ?  Are family needs and relationships compromised ?    Are you ready to find out ?Happy on Boat

In your relationship, does your significant other share and enjoy your boating indulgences ?

Do they merely tolerate ?

Is your relationship spoken of behind your backs as a threesome ?

Do they tag along with you to not be left behind ?

Do they love you so much that their love is mistaken for boating enthusiasm ?

Take the test. Add up your answers and see where you stand:

  A.        When you find yourself daydreaming about winning the lottery or striking it rich, is your first thought; 1   To restore your present boat to better than new condition or about buying a new boat   OR  2  How you could share the riches with your partner, fulfilling their fantasies ?   B.        While at a conference, business meeting, BBQ or other opportunity, do you tell others about; 1   Your boat’s appearance, size, characteristics, accoutrements and reliability.   OR  2   Your significant other’s appearance, size, characteristics, accoutrements and reliability.   C.        If your partner or significant other demanded that you give up the boat forever (or even a month) or risk your continued relationship, would you; 1  Start planning a cruise for the next holiday, vacation, weekend or day off. OR  2  Immediately list your boat with a broker or post it on the internet.   D.        When your schedule miraculously clears and you find yourself with that rare free weekend, do you; 1 Plan to spend the entire time on the boat  OR   2   Agree to spend the weekend doing whatever the significant other suggests, no matter how far off the water it takes you.   E.         When you review the yearly expenses, do you find; 1  You don’t save any boat related sales slips because you know you easily spend more in that “category”   OR  2   You spend more on thoughtful gifts for your significant other.   ADD IT UP: If you scored more than 9 points, your human relationship is far more important than your nautical relationship. If you scored 8 to 9 points, you have a good balance between your relationships. If you scored 7 or fewer points, there may still be hope !    Try a subtle program of indoctrination to gently convince your significant other to understand that the boat is a welcome addition to your relationship.  Have favorite snacks, drinks and small gifts ready when they come aboard.  Plan trips to favorite restaurants or watering holes to please. Remember the great discoveries in behavior modification as promoted by Pavlov. By avoiding grandiose gestures or calling attention to your overtures, you can overtly help your significant other realize that the boat is not a competitor, but a healthy contributor to both of your lives and, who knows ?  You could even experience a rejuvenated, healthy interest in your significant other ! SHARE YOUR SCORING !  Send your score and comments to Capt. Rick Delfosse Score summary will be included in next week’s Harbor Talk

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