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Seamanship FAILS - in our own Backyard !

September 25, 2013

  Imagine the joy of going to a boat show on your own boat, getting picked up by a professionally captained launch and enjoying a great day looking at new boats and hardware. Now, imagine heading back out to your boat and finding that it’s not anywhere near where you left it when you anchored ! Welcome to the Norwalk Boat Show 2013 where this happened to at least FIVE boats ! …Read More

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Marine Technology Skills & Seamanship - NOT the same

September 12, 2013

  Mariners should be careful not to confuse technology skills, or the sophistication of their integrated, networked navigation system (complete with redundancy)… for seamanship.   Seamanship (as defined by Wikipedia) is “the art of operating a ship or boat”. “It involves topics and development of specialized skills including: navigation and international maritime law; weather…Read More

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