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VHF Radio Channels & Radio Use

July 19, 2016

If you carry a VHF radio onboard, (a good idea for all boaters) you should maintain a watch on channel 16 whenever the boat is underway. Commercial vessels and all vessels over 20 meters and those carrying passengers for hire are required to maintain a radio watch.  (see the Federal Regs... HERE) Most radios have a memory scan option where you can add specific channels to the memory and press…Read More

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Emergency Repairs - Completed in Record Time at Norwalk Cove

July 7, 2016

Suppose you are racing around the world in a fleet of custom 75 foot ocean racers in a year-long, 14 leg adventure and during the 11th leg, heading for NY, you hit something...hard.  . Who you gonna call?  . Panicked, the Race management called Norwalk Cove to not only replace the bow section on the boat "City of Seattle" that went missing after a container encounter or such "somewhere between…Read More

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