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Fall Fishing Is Here, and the Waters are Getting COOLD

November 19, 2019

Some intrepid boaters, fishermen and a few kayakers are still going out on the water, and the water is getting COOLD !   So it’s time to review the basics of boating in the Fall: As a rule of thumb, It’s about 10 degrees colder on the water than on land.  Wear layers of clothing with a wind breaking shell on top and bring along hats and gloves. Make a float plan so someone will know you…Read More

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Responsibilities of the Captain

November 14, 2019

 We see the fun plaques:  The Captain's word is Law....    or      Marriages performed by the Captain are valid ONLY for the duration of the cruise.... But what are the REAL responsibilities of the Captain (vessel operator or "boater") ?   Three Major Responsibilities of Every Boater Practice good seamanship. It is the responsibility of every boat or PWC operator to take all necessary…Read More

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