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Fresh Water Systems Require TLC!

July 18, 2019

Fresh Water systems require TLC!  While drinking your boats’ fresh water is never a good idea, this water is most helpful for cleanup, dishwashing, etc. when your system is well-maintained. While many boaters are not aware that system maintenance is required, the good news is, it is pretty simple.  Even if you use your boats’ water nearly every day, ‘things’ like to grow in your water…Read More

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91 Octane Gas now at Norwalk Cove Fuel Dock

July 2, 2019

91 Octane Gas now at Norwalk Cove Fuel Dock!   Just in time to enhance your Holiday boating, we have upgraded to 91 Octane gasoline at Norwalk Cove Marina. Marine engines at cruising speeds work much harder than car engines, the engine load equivalent of a truck towing a fully loaded trailer up a steep, endless hill.    More and more Marine engines require 91 octane to deliver full rated…Read More

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