91 Octane Gas now at Norwalk Cove Fuel Dock

July 2, 2019
91 Octane Gas now at Norwalk Cove Fuel Dock!
Just in time to enhance your Holiday boating, we have upgraded to 91 Octane gasoline at Norwalk Cove Marina. Marine engines at cruising speeds work much harder than car engines, the engine load equivalent of a truck towing a fully loaded trailer up a steep, endless hill. 
More and more Marine engines require 91 octane to deliver full rated Horsepower, increase engine service life, and perform as designed. Norwalk Cove is the only fuel dock in the area to sell the 91 Octane gasoline that helps boats enhance the performance and efficiency of modern marine engines.
We have attached an information sheet to remind our fuel customers why we have been selling Valtect Marine Fuels since 2006, both Diesel Fuel and now as 91 Octane gasoline. Boats have quite different fuel requirements and demands than automobiles. Offering Valtect Marine Fuels addresses the unique fuel needs of marine engines. 
Click Here For Our Fuel Information Sheet

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