Americas Cup Countdown Begins

May 8, 2013   Last year the 12 teams competing for the Americas  Cup were practice racing in 45 foot high speed catamarans. The actual 2013 challenger selection and cup match will be sailed in incredibly powerful 72 foot catamarans capable of 40-plus knot speeds. With the Cup races in San Francisco only 4 months away, the teams are setting up bases and practicing a new sailing technique called "foiling" where the entire boat rises out of the water on a carbon fiber daggerboard foil.  It truly must be seen to be believed ! TNZ 2 With 131 foot wing masts, a 14 foot deep daggerboard that can support the boat, rig and 11 person crew and 6243 square feet of "sail" these boats are truly pushing the physical limits of sailing. The AC72 demands more of the crews than ever before. Athleticism is now a critical requirement for all crew members. The smaller crew size of 11 means every role on the boat is crucial to success, and each crew member will face physical demands equal to the toughest sports in the world. Besides wearing a life vest, body armor and a helmet, each crewman now carries a 20 minute air supply (pony dive tank) in case he becomes trapped under capsized rigging or hull.   Here are some links: Last summer's Americas Cub Blog with links to the new 1200 HP, 58 knot, chase boats:     /?p=1136 The Americas Cup Web Site: This video gives a good Americas Cup overview: Fun on Foils.....    Oracle Team USA  "USA 17" foiling at 40 plus knots: Race day two at the America's Cup World Series in Plymouth England saw the 45's  sailing in some blustery conditions, leading to three boats in the afternoon fleet race capsizing... spectacularly !   Stay tuned for more ! By Capt. Rick Delfosse     (who watched the AC45's race in Newport off Fort Adams last Summer)          

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