Fresh Water Systems Require TLC!

July 18, 2019

Fresh Water systems require TLC!  While drinking your boats’ fresh water is never a good idea, this water is most helpful for cleanup, dishwashing, etc. when your system is well-maintained. While many boaters are not aware that system maintenance is required, the good news is, it is pretty simple.  Even if you use your boats’ water nearly every day, ‘things’ like to grow in your water tank, and the longer the water sits, the more bad stuff grows in your water tank and even your water lines.  The key for all boats is adding a product we sell such as Drinking Water Freshener every time you top off the water tank. This product is designed to prevent algae and other nasty stuff from growing in the tank and water system. Stop by the Rex or Norwalk Cove stores to pick up a bottle to have aboard every time you add water. And if the water is already really bad, email for info how to get system back to normal.

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