Improve Engine Performance and Efficiency

April 12, 2012 As fuel prices continue to increase, getting every ounce of energy and mileage from every gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel is important.  It is well known that carbon deposits (called 'gunk') reduce engine efficiency and increase fuel consumption.  Using a gasoline or diesel fuel with the right fuel additive to keep your boat's engine free of gunk is an important way to maximize your boat engine's fuel efficiency and reduce your engine's fuel consumption. Just think! A 3% reduction in fuel consumption is equivalent to saving 10 - 15 cents pergallon when fuel is $4 to $5 per gallon. How can boaters know which fuel or fuel additive can clean up deposits and improve fuel economy? U.S. EPA regulations require refiners to add a detergent additive to gasoline to help keep fuel systems clean of carbon deposits.  Since refiners primarily produce gasoline for cars, their automotive grade gasoline typically contains enough detergent additives to meet the EPA's requirement to keep a car's fuel system clean.  Since your boat's engine(s) can burn up to 20 times fore fuel per hour than your car or truck, it needs more detergent additive to help prevent deposits from forming. To get the best fuel economy from your marine engine, use only ValvTect Marine Fuels or ValvTect Marine Fuel additives sold at the Norwalk Cove Marina Fuel Dock.

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