Manresa Island Power Plant Update

April 1, 2016
From our APRIL FOOL'S 2016 Edition of Harbor Talk:
The Manresa Island power plant property quietly went out to bid over the winter with two contenders, Building and Land Technology (BLT - of Stamford boatyard fame) and The Trump Organization, bidding on the removal of the power plant and the development of the island.
UPDATE:   Trump’s organization won the bid and plans have been released to build two high rise condo towers with a large marina on the back side of the island and to build a public access salt water pools in conjunction with the Maritime Aquarium (which is being forced to vacate due to the WALK railroad bridge rebuild for up to two years).
The salt water swimming pools will be seeded with indigenous Long Island Manresa Island PwrPlantSound fish. Feeding time for the blue fish pool will be every 4 hours with the release of small schools of bunker, streamed online over a Trump Cam app.


In a final move to cut it’s losses, the power company has agreed leave the large smokestack standing, especially after the outcry of local boaters who claimed they could not find Norwalk without it. Trump’s designers have leaked plans that detail how the integral LIS salt water park attraction will include the tallest water slide in the world around the perimeter of the stack, with joyful clientele landing in the blue fish lagoon.
An additional agreement with a great-great-great granddaughter of the famous Indian translator Cockenoe, (who has located descendants of the original Indian tribe members from the Norwalk Island area) and will sponsor a gambling casino.
The tentative name for the new casino is “The Golden Oyster”.    Additionally, Martin Luther King Drive in Norwalk is to be renamed "Trump Highway" and be lined with hearty northeast coast palm trees.
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