Norwalk Summer Concert Series at Calf Pasture Beach

June 17, 2015
The City of Norwalk Rec. and Parks Wednesday Evening Summer Concert Series brings music to Calf Pasture Beach throughout the summer.
Sponsored by First County Bank All rain dates will be on the following day, except for the July 3 Fireworks and Concert program, which will be held on July 5 in case of inclement weather. 
All concerts are free and open to the public. Concerts may be added and/or dates changed throughout the year, call the office (854-7806) for updates; cancellation number (854-7938).
June 24 6:00pm7:00pm The car Show Beach Cruise Presented by “The Coachmen”“Tim Curries Motown Band Revue
July 3 FireworksRain Date: 5th 5:30pm6:00pm8:00pm  Dusk For the Kids “The Amazing Andy Show”“Dance to the Music with DJ Nuzzo”“Jimmy & The Parrots” #1 Jimmy Buffett Tribute BandThe band will perform before and after the fireworks 4th of July Fireworks
July 8 7:30pm In My Life: An intimate tribute to John Lennon”
July 15 7:00pm “Johnny Cash is Alive and Kicking with Cash is King”
July 22 6:00pm7:00pm “The Car Show Beach Cruise Presented by “The Coachmen”It’s not Déjà vu its “Summertime
July 29 6:30pm7:30pm Kids Show _ TBA“The music of Crosby Stills and Nash with CSN”
August 5 7:00pm Back by Popular Demand It’s the Neil Diamond Tribute BandOne Hot Night”: Featuring Tommy Lynn
August 12 6:30pm7:30pm Kids Show - TBA“The #1 Eagles Tribute Band Desert Highway is back again
August 19 6:30pm7:30pm “The Car Show Beach Cruise Presented by “The Coachmen”Royal Kings”
August 26 7:00pm A Hometown Favorite:” Billy Genuario & Destiny”
September 2 6:00pm7:00pm The Final Car Show Beach Cruise Presented by “The Coachmen”“The Keith Marron Band” Last Concert of the Year
Walk from Norwalk Cove - If you are driving:  Vehicle Sticker Information... HERE For Wednesday night concerts, a parking fee of $5.00 per car will be charged for cars without a Norwalk Resident Pass. For the July 3rd Fireworks and Concert, a parking fee of $20 per car will be charged for cars without a Norwalk Resident Pass.   .

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