Places to Visit – Day Trip to Sand City (Northport Harbor)

July 26, 2017

Sand City was the name given to the site of a sand mining and sifting plant on the Southernmost hook of Eatons Neck in Northport LI by the Steers Sand and Gravel Co. in 1925.  Once a long sand spit connected to the land, all that remains today is a small island that once was the final part of the processing and mining operation. 

Originally called Port Eaton by it’s owner, Nicholas Godfrey (inventor of the steam powered sand shovel), the site produced the sand used in the sidewalks of Manhattan. Operational until 1964, the island has long been a favorite of regional boaters. In the 80’s some of the original ruins were destroyed in a storm, actually making it safer for visitors climbing on the ruins.

Today the official name is Hobart Beach Parkand the very tip of the spit is off limits as a bird sanctuary.   The way in is clearly marked on the chart and it is easy to find after turning left at can 3. The bottom is great for anchoring (sand !) and anchoring overnight is popular.  A short walk down the beach is the snack stand with treats for kids of all ages.  Sheltered on one side and open to the Sound on the other, usually with a good breeze and no bugs, make Sand City a great place to visit.

Capt. Rick Delfosse


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