September 2012 America's Cup Update - Incredible Technology !!

September 11, 2012   The America’s cup is pushing the frontier in both powerboats as well as sailboats:  Check these links to see the new state of the art chase boat that Emirates Team New Zealand has introduced. With 4 X 300 HP outboards and 58 MPH top speed, it screams  ! E-TNZ Chase boat Launching Here's the new E-TNZ Chase boat in action:   OK, now for the real question…… why does a sailboat need such a high powered chase boat and tender ?? Because the new real America’s Cup Catamarans are 72 feet long and fly,   No..... REALLY fly……   The past year’s racing in the 45 foot cats was all practice and R&D leading up to the big 72 foot cats with 131 ft wing sails which will compete for the America’s Cup beginning on Sept. 7, 2013 in San Francisco.  40 knots of boat speed in 20 knots of wind... HOLD ON !! For More……….  

And how do they plan on filming these boats underway (in addition to the on-board cameras) ?

How ‘bout a wave piercing high speed catamaran with stabilized remote controlled cameras……   And yes, the crew wears helmets, all the time...  here’s why:   If you're a cup watcher, the next few months are going to be interesting !   Capt. Rick Delfosse  203-216-7800  

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